Reporting Your Arrival (Students)


You need to report your arrival to Columbia if you are:

F-2/J-2 SEVIS record(s) are automatically activated with yours. Check to see that their I-94 Arrival Record is accurate. They should be admitted as F-2 or J-2 until "D/S". D/S refers to "duration of status".


It's mandatory to report your arrival within a week of your first-time arrival with this Columbia I-20/DS-2019.

This is a government requirement and will activate your SEVIS record. The online form meets the requirement—you do not need to report your arrival in person.

Step 1

Gather your documents and information

If you have a problem retrieving your I-94 arrival record, call the immigration office at either JFK or Newark airport (regardless of where you arrived) to speak with Deferred Inspection. Be sure to have all of your documents ready when you make the call. Deferred Inspection can usually locate your record and make a correction (if needed) while you're on the phone so that you can access and print the corrected record.

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Step 2.

Log in to Compass with your UNI and password to report your arrival

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