Extending Your Current Program (F and J Students)

F-1 and J-1 student regulations require you to be full-time every term and to make normal progress toward your degree, so it’s unusual to need more time. However, there may be extraordinary circumstances. Read on to see if you qualify and how to proceed.


Before You Apply

Apply for your extension at least two weeks before your I-20 or DS-2019 expires. Your Certificate of Eligibility (I-20 or DS-2019) cannot be extended after the program end date.

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How to Apply to Extend Your Current Program

Steps to extend your current program

Get your Academic Adviser's recommendation

The letter (or printed email) must:

  1. be from your academic adviser or dean (or someone in a similar academic position who is aware of your situation)
  2. detail the specific reason(s) for requiring more time
  3. include your expected completion date

Special procedures


Gather your documents


Log in to Compass with your UNI and password to submit your application

Please click the appropriate link below:

Not sure of your campus? Check our campus school list.
Need help using Compass? Learn more on our Compass User Guide.

Step 4

We will contact you

Allow up to 10 business days for us to review and process your application. 

  • F-1: If your request is approved, we will email your new digital Extension I-20 form for you to print with additional instructions. 

  • J-1: We will notify you by email when your new extended  DS-2019 is ready to be shipped. Per Department of State J Regulations, digital DS-2019 forms are not permitted to be emailed.
Step 5

Review, sign and date your new I-20 / DS-2019

Use it when you travel. The travel signature on page 2 of your I-20 or page 1 of a DS-2019 is valid for 12 months or until your program end date, whichever is earlier. Keep all previously issued I-20s/DS-2019s. You may need them in the future.

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