Travel Signatures and DS-2019 Reprints (J Scholar)

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Verify You Need a Reprint

Use this page if you need to request a DS-2019:

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Obtain a New Travel Signature

What is a Travel Signature?

A travel signature is relevant only to J-1 scholars (and their dependents) who are planning to travel abroad and return to the U.S. in J status. You do not need a travel signature to leave the U.S.

Check to See if You Need a Travel Signature Now

You will need an unexpired travel signature on the date you re-enter the U.S. You should use your most recently issued DS-2019 for travel. 

See below for how long your travel signature is valid:

Follow the instructions below to request a DS-2019 reprint in Compass.

See ISSO’s Documents Needed for Travel page for the complete list of documents you need when traveling.

*Not enough time to receive the DS-2019 before your return to the U.S.?

Our maximum processing time is 5 business days, however, our office makes every effort to process requests as quickly as possible.

Go here for information about returning to the U.S. without all required documents and requesting an I-515A at the Port of Entry.

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Replace a Lost or Missing DS-2019

You forgot to bring your DS-2019 with you or lost it while traveling. Don’t panic! We can replace it.

Follow the instructions below to request a DS-2019 reprint in Compass.

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Request a DS-2019 Reprint

Image of requesting a new I-20/DS-2019 or reprint.
Step 1.

Log in to Compass to request your new DS-2019:

Not sure of your campus? Check our campus school list.

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Step 2

Compass will require you to upload your most recent I-94 Arrival Record (NOT your travel history)

If you have a problem retrieving your I-94 arrival record, call the immigration office at either JFK or Newark airport (regardless of where you arrived) to speak with Deferred Inspection. Be sure to have all of your documents ready when you make the call. Deferred Inspection can usually locate your record and make a correction (if needed) while you're on the phone, so that you can access and print the corrected record.


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Step 3

We will email you when the DS-2019 reprint is ready

We will notify you within 5 business days when your new DS-2019 with an updated travel signature is ready. Please remember to print, sign, and date the new DS-2019 form attached to the email you receive. You should keep all copies of your DS-2019s but travel with the most recently issued one. Don't forget to check our Documents Needed to Travel page to be sure you have everything you need to re-enter the United States.

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