Transferring Your J-1 SEVIS Record to Another School

If you're going to another school next term, you need to ask us to release your electronic SEVIS record to the new school on a date that you choose, referred to as the release date. The next school gets ownership of your record on the date your SEVIS record is released. They cannot generate a DS-2019 for you until the SEVIS release date is reached.

Transfer from Columbia

Eligibility Requirements

J-1 Students

The purpose of a J-1 transfer must be to complete the original educational objective for which you first came to the U.S. as a J-1 Exchange Visitor. If you are making a change to your field of study, you are not eligible for a J-1 transfer.

To transfer your SEVIS record, you must currently be in J-1 status and meet one of the following:

J-1 Scholar (Professor or Researcher)

It may be possible to transfer your J-1 SEVIS record to the next institution for the remainder of the five-year limit if you meet all of the following:

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How to Transfer Your J-1 SEVIS Record to Another School

J-1 Students

Steps to transfer your SEVIS record to another school for J-1
Step 1

Speak to us if your next school believes you're qualified for a SEVIS transfer

If you and your next school  believe you’re qualified for a SEVIS transfer, discuss your travel and/or employment plans with us before choosing a SEVIS transfer release date.

The start date of the new DS-2019 must be the day following the expiration of the current one. There needs to be communication in advance with the next school about accepting your SEVIS record on the release date.

If you are going to work on Academic Training in the summer before enrolling in the fall at the new school, your release date must be on or after the last date of work or you will lose the employment eligibility.

If you are currently on post-completion Academic Training, you need to choose a transfer release date on or after he last date of work. AT authorization will automatically end on the release date.

Step 2

Submit the following documents to us as one pdf to or drop off during walk-in hours:

Step 3

We will review your application

We will email you only if there is a concern.

Step 4

Once approved, we will release your SEVIS record to your new school on the mutually agreed upon release date

On this date, your new school will have ownership of your SEVIS record and we will no longer have access to it.

Check with your new institution on what you need to obtain your new “transfer” DS-2019.

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Scholars (Professors and Researchers)

Provide the next school with contact information for one of our international scholar advisors

There needs to be communication in advance with the next school because the start date of the new DS-2019 must be the day following the expiration of the current one.

Once your next school contacts us, we will speak with them to establish the release date of the transfer.

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Travel with a J-1 SEVIS Transfer

If your J-1 visa in your passport is still unexpired, you may continue to use it with the new school’s DS-2019. With the transfer of your record, you will keep the same SEVIS number.

If you need to apply for a new visa, you won’t need to pay a new SEVIS fee.