Scott Keller

Scott is a Senior International Student Adviser for ISSO Morningside. In his role, he provides documentation and advising services to Columbia’s robust F and J-1 student community, tending to their immigration-related needs through assistance and information. His expertise covers a host of issues such as visas, enrollment, employment and travel.

Scott, an Indiana native, has extensive experience working both domestically and abroad. Prior to joining Columbia, he lived and worked in Poland, France, Mexico, Guatemala, French Polynesia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Massachusetts. Through this lens, he understands and appreciates the challenges international students may face as they pursue their academic goals in the U.S. or if they plan to study abroad.

In his free time, Scott enjoys exploring new neighborhoods across the city: an activity he has maintained since moving to NYC in 2015. He recommends visiting Astoria for Greek food, Greenpoint for Polish, Flushing for Chinese, and any neighborhood that has a good Jewish deli.