Lana Alkhatib

Lana is the Assistant Director for Information Technology for ISSO. Within this capacity, she acts as one of the key figures responsible for addressing and resolving any technical issues within the office. She has been with Columbia University since 2013 and with the ISSO since 2016. 

Lana boasts more than three decades of professional experience. Before becoming part of Columbia, she worked as a Systems Analyst and Application Developer at the United Nations' Works and Relief Agency (UNRWA). In this role, Lana was instrumental in developing and maintaining software applications and databases that spanned across the Middle East to support UNRWA's operations.

Fluent in Arabic, Lana had a firsthand experience of international student life as she once was a foreign exchange student in the U.S. during her youth. Having spent time in New York City, she cherishes its multicultural essence‚ÄĒembracing the diversity in people, languages, music, art, and cuisine. Lana finds joy in taking leisurely strolls around the campus, particularly at Riverside Park, where she can unwind and enjoy a peaceful walk.