Tax Season is Approaching!

January 17, 2020

If you were physically in the U.S. in F or J status anytime between January 1 - December 31, 2019 you will be required to send at least one form, the 8843, to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), even if you had no income. Although US. income tax law is complex, we provide resources to simplify the process to help you comply with your federal and state tax obligations. 

Federal Tax Form 8843 and Nonresident Tax Return

Form 8843 is required by the IRS of all Fs and Js (including their F-2 and J-2 dependents) who are "nonresident aliens" for federal tax purposes--even if you had no U.S. income in 2019. If you had U.S. income in 2019, the 8843 is included with a nonresident tax return.

What to Do

1. Review U.S. Income Tax Basics for Fs and Js. 
2. Log in with your UNI and password from our tax page to create a Sprintax account for free federal tax forms. If you had income we recommend you wait until the first week in March to make sure you have all your income statements. 

  • Sprintax is an easy-to-use tax preparation software designed for international students, scholars, alumni and their dependents in the United States. 
    • Do not use TurboTax or other products like it because they are only for residents for tax purposes and most international students are nonresidents
  • Sprintax is free for all your federal tax forms when you log in from our web page, whether the IRS 8843 is the only form you need or to generate a complete multi-page tax return if you had U.S. income.

3. If Sprintax informs you that you have become a resident for federal tax purposes, check our page on resources for resident tax return filers

State Tax Returns

State income tax is separate from federal income tax. Sprintax can also generate state tax returns for most of the states in addition to New York State.  Learn about state taxes at one of the workshops. If you have a state tax liability and choose to use Sprintax, you will be charged an individual user fee of $29.95.

Tax Workshops

You don't have to attend a workshop to use Sprintax, but it does give you an opportunity to get a thorough overview and to ask questions of the Sprintax representative.  The first of 4 Tax Workshops, listed on the ISSO Program Calendar, is Thursday, February 20th. 

Morningside: Davis Auditorium, 412 Schapiro Center (also known as CEPSR).

February 20, 2020:    10:30 - 11:45 AM 
March 2, 2020:           3:00 - 4:15 PM 
April 3, 2020:              10:00 - 11:15 AM

Medical Center: 304 HSC
March 27, 2020:    2:00 - 3:15 PM