2016 - 2017 Overview

Columbia has one of the largest international student and scholar populations in the United States. Despite the uncertainty and challenges of the political landscape of the last year,  we continue to welcome international students and scholars from across the globe. Our international population continues to grow in contrast to the trend experienced by many American schools. Here’s a quick look at how we help NYC maintain its reputation as the most international city in America!

Images of our population
We have more than 14,000 international students and scholars.
Image of Top 3 Countries
Our top three countries are China, India, and Canada.
Image of percentage increase
Our populations have grown considerably since 2008.
Country Flag Icon
151 countries are represented.
Image of growth over time
Each year we welcome more internationals than the last.

Top 10 Countries

China is leading the way!

Want more?

Download our statistics for free! This data has been compiled for the annual Open Doors report by the Institute of International Education. Fall 2017 data is scheduled for the Open Doors publication in November 2018.