Summer English Courses for Columbia Admitted Students (ALP): Frequently Asked Questions

The ALP I-20 does not cover the master's program. The ALP I-20 and your degree I-20 in the fall have different CIP codes, program, and tuition information. You will receive I-20 transfer instructions a week before your ALP Summer course ends.

No, you don't need to get a new F-1 visa after completing the ALP in the Summer. Transferring your SEVIS record from one program to another does not require a new F-1 visa.

You can submit your funds that meet the total for the ALP and your degree program all at once. As long as your financial documents are dated within 3 months of the SEVIS transfer between the ALP and your degree program, we will use the same funds for your transfer degree I-20.

No, you should get an ALP I-20 only. Since the ALP precedes your degree program, you will need to take the ALP I-20 for your F-1 visa interview. The ALP I-20 will have remarks regarding your degree program in the Fall.

No, you don't need to leave the US. A week before the end of the ALP, we will email I-20 transfer instructions. Transfer students can remain in the US during school breaks.

No, the ALP does not charge the I-20 processing fee in Compass. However, when you transfer to the ISSO (Fall Columbia admitted students only)  for your degree I-20, you must pay the processing fee unless you have already paid it.

You will need to return to the US for Fall on a transfer I-20 issued by the ISSO for your degree program. If you have travel plans, please email us at [email protected] to coordinate your transfer.